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Elo has loved cars since he was a child and uses his mechanical and design skills to create unique vehicles. His customizations are second to none and clients from across the world seek him out to revitalize their classic vehicles and turn them into 21st-century statement cars. He also owns the London Motor Museum, the only custom car museum in Europe, and a worthy home for the collection of American and European classic cars he has built up over a lifetime – including both the 1966 and 1989 Batmobiles.



Elo initially made his claim to fame on the runway as an international model in his early twenties, as the first black face for designers including Armani and Oswald Botang. With fashion as his passion at a young age, he tried his hand at creating his own line of clothing in order to command complete creative control over his style and look. Even his own fashion shows would feature classic cars worth millions that he would borrow from various dealers.


Elo came to realize that the clothing business was very tough and his heart was in the automotive world, so he turned to building a career customizing vehicles for clients from all over the world – turning their dream cars in to a reality.


Elo started to develop his own collection of cars for every mood and occasion – from a customized Maserati and a Cadillac for Sunday cruising to the classic British sports car to arrive at typically British events. Soon Elo had built his own collection of 30 vehicles that couldn’t be parked outside his home, so he put them in to storage. One day, a friend’s father asked to see Elo’s storage facility full of cars and made the comment “It’s like a museum” which gave Elo a groundbreaking idea.


In 2004, Elo opened the doors to the London Motor Museum, showcasing dozens of classic, vintage, sports and custom cars to the public. Over a decade later, the museum has become an iconic institution and a real British business success story, establishing Elo as one of the top 100 most influential people in the automotive industry and earning him his own show on The History Channel.


In 2015, Elo decided to bring his creative expertise to South Florida and a city that would appreciate his talents. Plans were built to design an Auto Art Gallery and Gourmet Dining Experience in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District for a Winter 2015–2016 opening. This would form the start of Elo’s trans-atlantic success story.

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