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The Miami Supercar Rooms Experience is unique for its members. Miami Supercar Rooms combines a purpose-built indoor “Auto Art” Gallery, housing some of the world’s rarest vehicles, with a one-of-a-kind gourmet dining experience.

Six outdoor “Pods” are available to reserve at $3,000 each for the entire evening – each one seating groups of up to six people. Pods can be described as freestanding cabana-like structures, designed and constructed especially for Miami Supercar Rooms. The dining experience within each Pod is alongside one of the most desirable cars in the world.

Each month, a popular chef from the hottest restaurants selected by the culinary team at Miami Supercar Rooms will serve an especially crafted menu — allowing you and your guests to sit back and enjoy an exquisite array of gourmet cuisine in to the early hours. An open bar offering signature Supercar cocktails is available to indulge in during your meal and as you enjoy the program of post-dinner entertainment. Individuals who reserve a Miami Supercar Rooms Experience automatically receive a complimentary honorary membership with year-round member privileges.

Reserve Your Miami Supercar Rooms Experience

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Following submission of the required reservation information, a membership associate will contact you by telephone to confirm your reservation, answer any questions and to process credit card payment in advance.
A full $3,000 payment is required to secure a reservation of up to 6 people on the requested date. The reservation will be made under the name submitted on the reservation form.
The reservation entitles the name on the reservation and up to a maximum of 5 additional people to have the Miami Supercar Rooms Experience between the hours of 7:00pm and 1:00am on the confirmed date of reservation.
Between the hours of operation, the group whom the reservation is for is entitled to gourmet dining and an open bar at Miami Supercar Rooms at no additional cost.
Management reserves the right to assign the table for each party on the night of reservation.
Management reserves the right to receive a $1000 cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours before the date of reservation. Upon cancellation, the remaining $2000 will be refunded to the credit card on file used to make the reservation.
Management of Miami Supercar Rooms reserves the right to refuse admission on to its premises and to revoke membership at any given time.